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Forced Air Laboratory Ovens

These units have a turbo blower-assisted airflow design and heavy duty motors that offers excellent temperature uniformity and fast temperature recovery. There are several models to choose from in the forced air product line, with varying sizes and control features.

Gravity Flow Laboratory Ovens

Gravity ovens are ideal for processing powders and other products that may be disturbed by forced air. These units are available in sizes ranging from 1 cu.ft. to 6 cu.ft.


So-Low Laboratory digital ovens offer a horizontal air flow for forced air models, and electronic timer for convenience of operation. Stainless steel interior and shelves ensure durability and corrosion-resistance. The three inch adjustable exhaust ports aid in venting oven and allow for flexibility in drying times and applications. Two layers of insulation, and door gasket along with positive door latch, maintain temperature and reduce heat loss.


• Microprocessor Control
• Up to 306°C Maximum Temperature on Certain Models
• Triple Wall Construction
• Meets CE Requirements
• 99 Hour 59 Minute Timer
• Independent Timer Control
• Continuous Blower Fan to cool Samples Down

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